INOTLES Project panel during the International Conference of Junior Scholars in Chernivtsi, Ukraine


INOTLES partner, Chernivtsi Yury Fedkovych National University (ChNU) from Ukraine had successfully hosted Vth International Conference of Junior Scholars “Political science developments: European practice and national prospects”, which took place on 26th of March 2015.

The Conference gathered together around 60 post-graduate students and young scholars from Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova and proved to be the nascent forum of promising political scientists. It was organized by Department of Political Science and Public Administration together with the Research Institute of European Integration and Regional Studies, ChNU. The topics discussed varied from theory and methodology of political science to key issues of current political trends of CEE region, the threats of the National and Regional security etc.

The conference opened with a panel devoted to the European Studies and mainly INOTLES project presentations. Dr Ludmila Coada (ULIM, Moldova), delivered some theoretical and practical reflections on the newest methods of teaching and learning European Studies in the countries of Eastern Partnership (EaP). She focused her on the pedagogical approach of Problem based learning (PBL), its advantages and challenges in the EaP context. Her colleague Valentina Cornea from Moldova followed up with the presentation of teaching techniques and instruments regarding European Studies, while dealing mostly with the value of western teaching experience and some problems of adapting it to the post-soviet University education system.

Chernivtsi team of INOTLES project, coordinated by Prof. Anatoliy Kruglashov has presented their teaching experience and research papers as well as shared certain expectation on the process of teaching and learning of European Studies in the University and Ukraine. Prof. Kruglashov has outlined the main results of the first year of project implementations in ChNU and put forward some ideas of further advancement of the project concerned. Dr Pavlo Molochko and Dr Olexiy Kolesnikov also delivered their papers in the field of European Studies discipline, based on research data of ІNOTLES project. Other aspects of European Studies have been touched upon in thepresentation of Omelian Tarnavsky, MA student of ChNU and some other panel’s attendants. The panel has been placed in the focal point of the Conference agenda and got the most attention of the audience. A lot of practical questions have been raised and discussed there, aiming at improvement of European Studies in Ukraine and neighboring States.

Conference activity attracted certain publicity and INOTLES project activities were reported in the regional mass-media; some of the reports could be accessed at the following links:


Prof. Anatoliy Kruglashov,

Chernivtsi Yury Fedkovych National University, Ukraine