Call for contributions: INOTLES WIKI on teaching and learning of European Studies


Call for contributions: INOTLES WIKI on teaching and learning of European Studies

INOTLES is proud to announce the launching of INOTLES WIKI on teaching and learning of European Studies and calls for collaborations from the academic community, with the focus on innovative pedagogies and tools applied in the field of European Studies.

INOTLES WIKI, based on openly editable content, promotes a living collaboration among the academic community on sharing best practices in teaching and learning, with the focus on the field of European Studies. It aims at representing a resource on pedagogical methods and tools in teaching European Studies, including reflections on their advantages and challenges, as well as sharing specific models of course design or, more broadly, ES curricula.

The WIKI originates from INOTLES project activities aimed at mapping existing provisions and pathways in ES teaching and gaining practical understanding on the traditional and innovative pedagogical methods and tools applied. While the WIKI remains largely open to various contributions in the field of teaching and learning ES, INOTLES moderators particularly encourage WIKI posts based on the following topics:

• Innovative teaching methods and active learning in ES, such as: problem-based learning (PBL), simulations/ role plays / learning games, project-based learning (e.g. research project), online/distance learning, blended learning (face-to-face and e-learning), work-based learning (e.g. collaboration with companies), peer-tutoring, special expert sessions, field-work (e.g. excursions), internship/student’s volunteering, exchange programs, etc.

• Innovative teaching tools, such as educational software, e-learning (virtual learning environments), social networks, etc.

• Interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching ES, etc.

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