INOTLES National Centers for European Studies

The National Centers for European Studies at INOTLES partners in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia have been officially registered.
They are becoming fully operational, after overcoming the delay caused by the deployment of equipment. 
There are three Centers for European Studies: the newly established Center for Innovative Methods in European Studies (CIMES), hosted by NAUKMA, Kyiv; Center for European Studies at ULIM, Chisinau, as well as the Institute for European Studies at TSU, Tbilisi. Although the later was established in 2007, it has recently set up the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, within the framework of the INOTLES project.
INOTLES aimed at setting up or supporting national Centers for European Studies in each of the East European countries. These Centers will represent pedagogical units of teaching expertise and specifically promoters of innovative pedagogies in partner countries.
The Centers started their activities with the first in-house trainings in innovative teaching methods. The trainings took place between 31 October - 5 November 2016. Academic staff from various university faculties and departments as well as PhD students were informed and trained into innovative teaching methods, such as problem-based learning, simulations, blended and e-learning. The trainings were offered by partner university staff that were trained earlier (in 2014-2015) by the EU experts in innovative pedagogies from the Institute for European Studies (VUB Brussels), Maastricht University and University of Surrey. 
Please follow this link to find out more about National Centers for European Studies and the in-house trainings: