EU Grants €1m for Innovative Teaching & Learning


A consortium led by our School of Governance has won a million euros to manage an EU project for “Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies” (INOTLES). Running from 2014-2016 under the TEMPUS umbrella, the project aims to modernize higher education in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.


INOTLES will connect Eastern partners with EU centres of excellence in e-learning, problem-based learning and simulations, to create flexible resources for European Studies courses. By establishing best practice materials and dedicated centres in Eastern countries, it aims to build institutional capacity, promote transnational cooperation and improve the employability of students.

INOTLES is a joint academic effort of EU universities specialized in teaching European Studies and  East European Universities. It aims to promote curricular reform in European Studies through innovative teachig approaches, curricular convergenceand capacity building between the EU and Eastern Partners.  Dr. Natalia Timus  

The project is led by Dr. Natalia Timuş and made up of three EU universities (Maastricht in the Netherlands, Surrey in the UK, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium) plus six East European universities (two each from Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine). The project website is currently under construction.